How to Setup Dubsado | Why You Should Be Using It In Your Business

How to Setup Dubsado | Why You Should Be Using It In Your Business

How to Setup Your Branding, Forms, Proposals, and Workflows in Dubsado

If you’ve recently signed up for Dubsado and you’re anything like I was in the first few weeks of using it, your head is probably spinning. When I began using Dubsado, it was so big and scary! Now, it’s like the cuddly little teddy bear, that I love for my business!

Let’s pause – if you’re sitting here like “Dub-who?!”. Dubsado is a CRM program that let’s you do everything from intake leads to send contracts and schedule meetings. It completely customizable to your brand and has awesome automation capability through workflows.

Okay, now back to those of you who are currently pulling your hair out on the platform. I’m here to help.

Who is Dubsado for?

Dubsado is for virtually anyone who considers themselves an Entrepreneur. Creatives, like artists and graphic designers, Wedding planners, Makeup artists, Web designers and even Midwives and Doulas have all found Dubsado to be useful. I have personally used it in my Virtual Assistant, Influencer, and Photography businesses!

Me building my Dubsado Mastermind Course!

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How to Setup Dubsado for Your Business

Lead Capture Forms: Dubsado’s lead capture forms are fully customizable and can be sent via a link or seamlessly embedded into your website. You can setup specific fields to require only the information you need to know about your leads and even have those fields map to specific workflows (more on workflows later). Dubsado also creates project and input all the clients information in your dashboard when they fill out a form, so no ore manually inputting clients info!

Send Proposals and Contracts: You can use Proposals to setup a standard Pricing Sheet, List of Services, etc. Or you can use Proposals after you’ve scheduled and executed a Discovery call and fully customize it to your Client’s needs. You can also send and sign contracts that you can create and customize in Dubsado.

Canned Emails: If you find yourself constantly writing the same emails to your clients, the canned email feature is a useful tool to save that text for easy sending.

More Ways to Use Dubsado

Invoicing and Payments: Dubsado invoicing has the ability to integrate with Paypal, Square, and Stripe! You can easily setup payment schedules, auto-reminders, and customers can pay invoices on their own.

Scheduler: The Dubsado scheduler makes it easier to book appointments, manage your calendar, and automate your business. From a massage therapist scheduling sessions to a Wedding planner setting up client meetings, you can fully customize a scheduler for almost any event and clients have select appointment times from your availability without all the back and forth.

Client Portal: The Client Portal feature allows your clients to access all of their forms, emails, and invoices in one place. They can even upload documents. Furthermore, you can also embed the portal into your website and password protect it for each client.

Workflows: The cherry on top? all of the above can be AUTOMATED through workflows! Thus, if you find yourself taking the same steps in each project from lead capture through completion, you can setup triggers and actions to automate a project from start to finish, literally while you sleep!

Nonetheless, these are certainly not all the features of Dubsado. It really is an all-around CRM. I encourage you to check it out yourself and let me know what you think!

Still Need Dubsado Help?

If you would like to further your Dubsado knowledge there are 3 ways I can help:

  1. You can use my code: GWVIRTUAL for 20% off either 1 month or 1 YEAR of Dubsado!
  2. You can sign up for my Dubsado Setup Master Course where I walk you through the step by step details to take your Dubsado from startup to functional! The course is currently on sale for a limited time only!
  3. You can save yourself some precious time and HIRE ME to do it all for you!
How to setup Dubsado

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